It's time to screw up paper contracts and go digital

06 May, 2016


You need a document signed. Maybe it's a contract. A disclosure statement. It could be anything. You attach it to an email and send it to your client. Your client prints it out and completes it. They sign it, scan it, attach it to an email and send it back. You print it and give it to your admin team. They double enter the data back into your system and file it. What a horrendous waste of time.

For professional services and distribution companies, there are enough compliance and contract documents to kill a small rain forest.

Needless to say, electronic signature services like DocuSign and Adobe eSign have some huge benefits:

Electronic signature saves a ton of time for your clients

Because eSignature products integrate with your CRM, the document arrives with all customer information pre-populated. Clients don't need to fill in their name, company, products or services they're purchasing.

Filling out the document is lightning-quick with formatting options such as drop downs, check boxes and places to digitally sign with a mouse. Once the document is completed, your client hits send and it shoots it straight back.

Your documents come back perfect every time

There's nothing worse than having to send incomplete documents back to your client to add or correct information. Electronic documents are set up with validation rules to ensure that clients can't sign and send until key information is completed.

The data is saved up to your CRM automatically

All completed forms push to back into your CRM. This data is saved against the customer record and can be used for reporting. There's no need for admin teams to copy across paper data into your system.

It kicks in workflow

Once the document is returned, production workflow can be set in motion. For example, product or service options can assign tasks and approvals to the appropriate production or account service teams, or begin a customer onboarding process.

Preparing and signing documents is a part of doing business, but it doesn't have to be tedious. Digitising and automating this core business function improves the customer experience, saves administration time and streamlines the service delivery processes.

As Adobe eSign and Docusign partners, LavaBox can help your business convert core documents to electronic signature and integrate Salesforce CRM to deliver a seamless compliance experience.